Hersheypark, Here I Come!

I am beyond delighted to announce that I will be spending the summer of 2017 in Hershey, PA as the Male Singer/Dancer Swing in Country Roads at the one and only Herhseypark! I received the offer via RWS Entertainment from SETC and am so blessed & elated to be beginning a relationship with both companies.

I started my swing experience last summer at The Lost Colony and really got hooked on the rush of performing multiple different tracks. This summer, my swing position will have me performing each of the three male tracks at least once a week (one track per day) and then having the remaining days of my work week devoted to being on-call in case I'm needed to jump in for any of the men. I legitimately can't wait, y'all, this is so exciting to me!

Expect to see more updates soon regarding some projects I'm going to be a part of in the coming months before my contract begins (most of which acting as the percussionist in shows/reviews/etc.)! Whoo hoo!


P.S. - Click on the Hersheypark written in yellow above to go to the website - see why you should visit the park this summer (and see Country Roads while you're at it, of course)!