Up, UPTA, and Away!

Finally, it's audition season -- the one guaranteed time of year that I can be surrounded by theatre artists and experience beautiful cities while still writing it off on my taxes. Also, call me cliché, but I really love getting a chance to make some quick art with brand new faces (or old friends if I'm lucky enough to get to work with them again).

I'll be heading to NYC tomorrow to have some fun as #406 in Group 22 at the A1 auditions this weekend (as well as a Book of Mormon workshop, which will be beyond exciting) and then I get to check out Memphis in February to [happily] do it all over again at UPTA (#89 on Friday, holla)!

I've bought all of my plane tickets, I've revamped my book, and I've got a brand new set of Henleys to wear, so I think I'm all set for what's to come. 


Stay tuned for potential post-audition posts and an update on a current project I'm working on right now as Assistant Director!