What's up everyone! 


My last bio felt really stiff before, so let's make this a bit more concise, exact, and with my actual personality.

Fact is, I understand you probably won't read this -- it's a fast-paced business and I get it! But if you are taking the time to give this a glance over, allow me not to bore you. 

I think baby goats are simply the cutest lil' things, love making wacky and zany characters come to life onstage or onscreen, and was a chubby kid when I was younger (no correlation, just some fun facts). Most of the jokes I tell my friends have no punchlines and I realize that far too late into the joke.

Outside of your typical Actor/Singer/Mover status, I also love a hard-hitting piece of stage combat (get it?). Take a look at my resume below to get a better idea of what I've done and what I can do for you!


Want to read more?  Check this out and read my introductory blog post!


Want a downloadable copy? Be my guest!

Donald Sutton - Professional Acting Resume